Can we add/ take away musicians in the 7 piece band?

It is possible to add musicians to a 7 piece band!
Many couples wish to have full horn section or more singers at their wedding. However, 7 is the minimum number of musicians in the band because we are commited to high level of performance and wish to bring our clients the best musical experience!
7 piece band includes : bass, drums, guitar, keys, sax, male and female vocalists

Do we get to choose the songs the band will play?

Song selection is very important for any event. Feel free to take a look at our songlist and check off any songs that you and yours guests will enjoy.
We will then incorporate as many of the selected songs as we can to our setlists, along with reading the crowd and keeping the party going!

Can the band learn special request song that is NOT on the website songlist?
Yes, we will learn up to 3 songs for you, and it can be any song you choose.
How far in advance should I book the band for our wedding?
As soon as you get engaged and start planning! We are not kidding, bands and other vendors get booked very quickly, and if entertainment part of your wedding is important to you, make it a booking priority! Ok, not as soon as you get engaged, but definitely as soon as you lock in the venue and date! 🙂

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As a way to make your wedding even more special, our team of songwriters is ready to create a personalized song in celebration of your marriage. Share with us some key details and significant moments you would like included and you will have a completely unique song that you can call your own, forever! The more information you give us, the better so feel free to suggest a musical style you’d like and other information about yourselves like how you met, favorite quotes and movies, funny habits, the proposal, that cute thing she does or that amazing cologne he wears and we can take it from there.

You can also give the gift of a personalized song to a friend!


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